Key West Charters

Key West Eco Tour Charters

Explore the tropical mangrove eco-systems of Key West on our Eco Tour.

Tours are conducted in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge.

Explore the tropical mangrove eco-systems; observe osprey, bald eagles, great blue herons, frigate birds, terns, dolphin, sea turtles and other fascinating marine inhabitants.

This complex and interdependent eco-system is also a beautiful nursery and breeding ground for most of the marine life that later migrates to the reef.

You may combine your tour with snorkeling, beachcombing or a visit to the dolphin playground and fully appreciate the natural beauty that the Florida Keys back country has to offer. Shallow water and the mangrove islands provide calm water, even on windy days.

Florida Keys back country, Key West
The eco-experience is painlessly educational and includes not only the natural history of the Florida Keys but also some myths and truths of local legends. Great experience for families with kids!

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